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About Us

Knowledge is priceless and books are the best means from which you can attain this knowledge. Reading is believed to empower people, offer them education, and give them an opportunity to live for a moment in someone else’s shoes. Books are also a critical asset to improvement in one’s life while it also offers an occasional escape to fictional worlds inhabited by interesting characters of the books.

Every year a lot of books are getting destroyed as people are ignorant towards how important books and reading is to one’s life. However, there are websites that save books every year and make them accessible for the readers. Books help shape another mind, share the author’s stories, and teach a bit of wisdom.

99BooksCart is an exceptional website where you can find hundreds of interesting novels and new & second hand books. One of the best features of our website is that you can pick any novel and buy it for just ₹99. You can find almost every bestseller here but if your favorite novel isn’t there in the inventory, you can request that novel and it’ll be made available to you. Another unique service that you get here is that you can exchange your novels with the ones present in the inventory.



We are not just a bookstore we are BRAIN GYM! Why? Here are few benefits of reading.

  • Cognitive Mental Stimulation And Brain Exercising
  • Lower Levels Of Stress And Tension Relief
  • Helps With Depression 
  • Memory Improvement And Better Focus
  • Enhances Your Imagination And Empathy
  • Boosts Your Sleep
  • Slow aging

Shivjyoti Mahantesh