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99bookscart is an online marketplace for books. We facilitate the sale of books by connecting sellers with buyers all around India.

  • As a seller on 99bookscart.com your items will automatically be listed on our platforms.
  • Be a seller on 99bookscart.com and let others get benefits of reading books at an affordable price.
  • Sell your preloved books for 50% - 40 % less of the original price so that people can afford books and keep reading them.

Our motive is to provide preloved books a new home and make it affordable for book lovers.

What can you sell at 99bookscart?

Novels, Textbooks, Storybooks, kidsbooks, Pre-loved books and New books which are really in good condition.

  • We do not accept books which are pirated copy books, torn book, damage books or bad condition books.
  • Selling with 99bookscart is easy. The first step is to create an 99bookscart account and complete the seller application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to sell on 99bookscart and how does 99bookscart pay me?     

  • 99bookscart charges 20% commission fee on each sale.
  • Sellers have to ship with in 2-3 days to customers and get paided only after tracking id is shared with customers without any issue.
  • Sellers payment will be processed and transferred to your bank.

2. What information do I need to become a seller?

  • Your contact information including the name of your business, a phone number, an address, an email address and your bank information (to receive payments)

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