Why Do Adults Read Young Adult Books?

Many adults get looks when they say that Young Adult (YA) literature is their favorite.

The YA books are written for teenagers, typically between the ages of 13 to 17. The protagonists in these books are usually teenagers in high schools or sometimes university students in their early twenties.

The publishing industry markets YA books primarily to young adults. However, adults who have jobs and pay their own bills are also reading Young Adult books. What’s the reason?

Let’s find it out.

Why Do Adults Read Young Adult Books

How many adults read Young Adult Books?

YA literature is marketed and targeted at people who are decades younger than adults. Yet, adults make up a pretty huge percentage of its readership.

In 2012, a survey revealed that about 55% of YA readers were adults. The results of the survey were quite shocking. Adults aged between 30-44 years are the largest and growing market segment for YA literature.

As the YA market has only grown in the past eight years, the percentage might be even higher today.

4 Reasons Why Adults Read YA Books

The following are the top 4 reasons why adults still read YA books, and you can’t judge them for that.

  1. The feels

Young adult writers always include a romantic storyline that keeps readers interested with their emotions. It’s perfectly fine for adults to get excited by teen romance and read teen love stories. Teen romance is raw, which attracts a lot of readers towards it.

These teens usually fall in love for the first time, which compels adults to remember the first time they fell in love. However, not all the books of YA books are about romance. Many of these are about family and friends that can make anyone cry and laugh.

  1. Entertainment

A lot of young adult books have great stories with gripping plots, romance, compelling characters, and complex themes. Young adult authors attract the readers by writing such amazing stories that keep them hooked till the end.

Remember that each and every YA book is not good, but the majority are. Young adult books are mostly page-turners. It makes them a great source of entertainment.

  1. Glimmer of Hope

There are plenty of young adult books about drug abuse, school shootings, rape, mental health issues, suicide, murder, or other serious topics. And YA authors are not afraid to mention these issues in their books. Many young adult books don’t have a happy ending, but there is always a glimmer of hope, even in terrible times.

  1. Well-written

Authors are always looking for new and interesting ways to tell their story and to deliver their message. Young adult authors are highly creative and always come up with a unique way to tell their stories. These books are written very well.

Due to all these reasons, more and more YA books are being adapted for the screen today. You might enjoy watching the adaptations, but reading YA books is way better and more enjoyable.


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