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How and Why You Should Start Reading Books

Before now, I’ve never had a passion about reading books. The only time that I ever read a book cover to cover was back in school when you really had no other choice. After I finished school I thought reading books was a waste of time or just for people who are going to college. I know now that the few times I did read books back then, I wasn’t reading the right books. I wasn’t interested and never had a passion about it. I am pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one, thinking or feeling that way. Some people will start a book and then stop half way like I used to do. Now days, believe it or not, I am reading books from cover to cover. There are times when I cannot put the book down! The reason why is because I am very interested in what I’m reading. When you find a book that really gets your attention you will have no problem reading it from front to back.

The way I started with reading a lot was purely accidental. I loved watching the TV show “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan. Just by watching him, got me really fascinated with how he can connect and communicate with dogs using his energy. I was watching his shows almost daily. I was so interested in the things that he was doing that I was compelled to buy the book and learn more about it. The book is about leadership (or should I say Pack Leader?) and how you stay calm and have a calm energy. I read that book from front to back because I had the desire to learn more. When you get that desire or “thirst” for knowledge, you will read the book cover to cover.

If you buy a certain book just because the cover looks good or it was recommended to you, but it doesn’t have anything to do with your interests, then you probably will not read the whole book. There has to be that interest or need. It’s having that desire for the knowledge or gaining the entertainment value out of the book that keeps you from putting it down. If you like to know more about cooking then read a book about it. If you like to learn more about leadership then you have to start reading about it.

There are so many books out there that can teach you incredible things that I thought weren’t possible for me to know or learn. I’m learning every day because I’m reading every day now. My passion is all about leadership. I actively seek any book on leadership, pick it up, and take it home and read it.