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5 Reasons why we should read second-hand books?


Books itself is a joy to hold in your hands and feel their weight. Most of us love to read physical books and build our own small or big library in the corner of our house. We love to keep seeing them in front of our eyes and they are easily accessible. Inhouse library goes places  whenever we feel motivated, low or need some inspiration.

  1. It's better for Nature.

Buying second hand books is good for Nature because you’re reusing a thing that has already been made.

     2. You will read more books

Second hand books are cheap compared to brand new books so instead of buy one new book you will be able to afford 2 second hand books

    3. They’re affordable.

Yes, absolutely! They are half price of a new book or even less than that, so you can read more books in a month and keep a pile of books read for you.

    4.  Notes can be entertaining

Message written by a previous owner of the book or some scribble of their thoughts in margin You never know who owned them previously.

     5. Feel and smell of Old Books.

Old books have their own unique scent carrying from years, the combination of ink and paper is just astonishing. Book you can pass it along to someone else or with friends.