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5 Best Philosophy Books to Read in 2021

Welcome to the topic "5 Best Philosophy Books to Read in 2021."

Questions, questions, and more questions. Our minds are always full of them. They never let us sit in peace.

What is life? Who are we? What is reality, and what is not? These questions force you to delve deep into thought and urge you to develop a stronger sense of self.

Yet it seems like we all have been avoiding all these questions for a long time. Why? Simply because we get overwhelmed every time, we even consider exploring the unfamiliar depths and finally give up. But that needs to change now.

Time to work on your intellectual muscle by reading some of the best philosophy books. These books give you the opportunity to look into those hidden depths and find out the answers you have always wanted to know.

Here are the 5 best philosophy books from our most affordable online bookstore that you need to read in 2021.

5 Best Philosophy Books to Read in 2021

  1. Man's Search for Meaning- Viktor Frankl

This is one of the best and the most influential philosophy books you can read. Life is full of challenges and difficulties. But we often tend to become hopeless in the midst of suffering. Victor Frankl offers strong arguments in his book 'Man's Search for Meaning' and explains that one can find the silver lining no matter what the circumstances are.

This book teaches us an important lesson- we may not have control over the circumstances, but we can control our attitude. And that is what really matters.

  1. Meditations- Marcus Aurelius

If you're interested in learning about stoicism, 'Meditations' is the book for you. This book revolves around the world's most powerful man, his thoughts, how he makes decisions, and how he tackles the problems life throws his way.

Marcus Aurelius was trained in stoic philosophy, and this book gives insight into how the emperor fulfills his responsibilities and obligations of his position.

  1. Sophie’s World- Jostein Gaarder

If you're a beginner, we highly recommend reading 'Sophie's World.' This book tells the story of a teenage girl who becomes an apprentice to a middle-aged philosopher.

It is an easy-to-understand book that will introduce you to the history of philosophy in a fun way. You'll learn the methods of thinking throughout history and how they have shaped the world we live in today.

  1. Everything Is F*cked- Mark Manson

This philosophy book is the most realistic out of our top picks and relevant to the present times. Using the greatest philosophers' ideas, Mark Manson explains everything from religion to politics while also talking about the internet and technology.

Above all, the book tells us about the importance of hope and how to connect to today's world in a better way.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil- Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche has challenged our ideas about the 'good' and the 'bad' in his book. This is an interesting book on modern philosophy in which the paradoxes of the common understandings of morality are analyzed.

The best thing about philosophy books is that whether you agree with the author or not, you're bound to gain new insights and develop your critical thinking skills.

These great philosophy books will surely expand your mind. Reading these books in 2021 will enable you to get a deeper understanding of philosophy and life in general, and you'll start seeing yourself in a better light.

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