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The story that never started
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The story that never started

by Piyush gupta by Piyush gupta (Paperback)
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  • Dhir Khandelwal: A scared runaway uncertain about his future.
  • Mohit Banerjee: A guy who breaks the banal laws of love created by the society, uncertain about his sexuality.
  • Sahil Qureshi: A lovelorn pining over his wife's death, left uncertain about his choices.

Despite the uncertainties, they all have a dream in their minds, which they call story. They are same, yet very different. Screwed up life is all they have, but... life has plans for them. The attack of 26/11 brings them close, giving them a motive--right or otherwise. Riding the path of crime, they become rich. But is being well off all they want? Their lives improve. Love stills everything. But is that silence ever lasting? Or the universe has written an offbeat future for them? Better the three protagonists answer the questions through their story of love, self-discovery, confusion, dreams, realizations, revenge, and the unexpected turns of life that will make you believe in believing, through The Story That Never Started--a story with a suspense of its own kind held together by the deepest emotions they treasure in their hearts, from happiness to heartbreaks to revenge to redemption.

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ISBN: 9789387390966
Pages: 216
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Redgrab books
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